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Chappaqua, NY
  • Jack  in the photo 1

Our son, Jack, was 12 years old and a very active soccer player, playing age up on a premier team. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 OCD in both of his knees. Dr. Green surgically repaired his left knee by reattaching a piece of cartilage to his femur with bio-absorbable tacks. Six weeks later he operated on his right knee - removing a floating piece of cartilage and cleaning up the knee. It has been just over one year and Jack is playing basketball and skiing. In the spring, he will return to soccer. While he still has intermittent pain, he is able to play sports again, which is so important to him. We hope that with time and once he finishes growing, the pain will lessen. One day at a time - some days better than others - but thanks to Dr. Green, Jack can run and play sports again.