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Jack Ledden

Sea Cliff, NY
  • Jack Ledden in the photo 1
  • Jack Ledden in the photo 2

Hi! My name is Jack Ledden and I am a freshmen collegiate football player. As a young athlete I always noticed I couldn't jump as high or cut as hard off my left knee. I played soccer, baseball and basketball my whole life and got into football once I got to middle school. I always complained to my parents about my knee but the doctors couldn't find the problem and called it jumpers knee. I did PT for a few months but still nothing. Then, during my junior year of high school, it became almost unbearable and I had to miss a few basketball games. I finally had enough and started going back to doctors. They finally diagnosed me with an OCD lesion on the head of my femur. They started talking about surgery but my family and I did not feel comfortable with their plan so we continued to look for opinions. We finally ended up in Dr. Rose's office at HSS where he immediately told us we had to see Dr. Fabricant. I went to see Dr. Fabricant on October 8, 2020 and felt extremely comfortable and confident in his plan to get me back to playing. Luckily for me there was a cancellation on October 9th and I was scheduled for surgery. Everything went well and after 6 months of PT I was back to running and cutting feeling better than I ever had. I went to college in August of 2021 and felt 100 percent. I couldn't have made it here without Dr. Fabricant and his team's support and skills. Dr. Fabricant gave me back the ability to play sports at a high level without that constant aching pain in my knee.

The fifth game of my freshmen season I fractured my ankle. I immediately went back to Dr. Fabricant and came up with a treatment plan. I did not need surgery so after a few months of PT and conservative treatment, I am back to full strength and starting Spring ball next week. My knee is a thing of the past and now my ankle is as well. I wouldn't nearly be the athlete I am today if it wasn't for HSS and Dr. Fabricant!