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Izabela Rumberg

Brooklyn, NY
  • Izabela Rumberg in the photo 1

I had an incredible experience at HSS. The entire process, from consulting with Dr Gausden, to scheduling surgery to days leading up to, and especially day of surgery, to now healing and follow up. The entire process has been best in class, with incredible hospitality and care shown throughout. I felt informed, deeply cared for, and engaged in my own health. I know it’s HSS' reputation but I have to think it’s also a reflection of Dr. Gausden, her colleagues and her team.

I suffered with hip pain, so much for so long, and needlessly. The pain was incremental and I just kept adjusting and living around it. I didn't realize the impact it was having on my life, how many things I slowly stopped being able to do, until I was living a life I didn't even recognize anymore. The more I tried to brush my pain and my physical symptoms away, the more obvious it was to everyone around me how much I was suffering. Which brought on questions and sympathy, which made me not want to deal with it even more. I only have myself to blame for that.

My recovery has been spectacular. I have not been in pain. I’ve got my joy and bounce back. I didn’t realize the degree to which chronic pain depressed me and affected my outlook. I’ve been angry and dejected for months.

Now, I’m jumping up and down, dancing, skipping and feeling like I can’t stop smiling. I can take my dog for long walks, easily manage steps, and my hip has once again become a non issue. And I am so profoundly grateful.

Thank you! This is life changing.