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Ivanna Rivero

West Orange, NJ
  • Ivanna Rivero in the photo 1

In 2013, when I felt pain in my leg I went to see Dr. Doyle. When I went to her she told me I needed a surgery to remove the bone that is bothering me. She explained to my parents and I that I have osteochondroma, which meant I had an extra bone. The day of the surgery, I was nervous and then right after the surgery, I felt relieved. Thanks to Dr. Doyle, my pain went away and she helped me face my fears of having surgeries.

A couple of years later, I had started to feel pain in a different part of my leg and she performed the next surgery. In total she performed four successful surgeries. Thanks to her I no longer feel pain in my legs. That’s what make her a great successful doctor at HSS.