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Ivan Dudjak

Holmes, NY
  • Ivan Dudjak in the photo 1

Ivan is a teenager and he would like to share his story:

I learned how to ski when I was 3 years old and since then skiing is my biggest passion. I actually love to race. Last year, I decided to join a winter program in Lake Placid. Last February, I was a foreunner in an FIS race and I got into a skiing accident. It was a terrible injury where I had a dislocated patella as well as a torn MCL and MPFL. I told Dr. Nawabi that I plan to go back to racing in November 2021. Dr. Nawabi couldn't promise anything, but at least he said he will do his best and he did! He told me that it was a serious injury and it will be a long recovery.

Five weeks after my injury, my MCL was in the process of healing, so I had to wait to undergo surgery until it was completely healed. During that time, I was getting physical therapy twice a week and worked out every day to get my muscles stronger. Yes, it was very hard because my surgery was scheduled for July 20, 2021, so my skiing season didn't end the way I wanted. I also couldn't go anywhere or do anything with my friends. I had all these plans and all of a sudden it was over. I had to change my plan and my thinking. My parents helped me a lot, especially my mom who was there for me every day. So I set my goal to go back to skiing because I wanted to race again, and I did it!

I am so happy and proud with the outcome. It was not easy, but I didn't give up. As soon as I got cleared from Dr. Nawabi, I started skiing. My first run down was pretty bad and I thought it was over and that I never will be able to do it again. However, I said to myself that I got through all that, so I can't give up now and I didn't. I am racing again! Thank you Dr. Nawabi for everything that you did for me. I couldn't do it without you and I couldn't ask for a better surgeon.