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Ismet Aktekin

İstanbul, Turkey
  • Ismet Aktekin in the photo 1

I played many sports (soccer, tennis, ski, golf) in my life until I reached my mid-seventies.

At the beginning of the year 2000, I started to feel pain when I climbed stairs and played golf (9 holes) I also felt knee stiffness in the morning.

In the year 2004, I visited Dr.Thomas Sculco for the first time at his office at Hospital for Special Surgery. As per his advice I rested, took some medications and received cortisone injections. These treatments helped me for a while, however later in the weeks I started to have pain and discomfort in both knees. I wanted to delay my surgery for as long as possible. However it came to a point that I could hardly walk to my car and play nine holes of golf.

In the year 2006, I visited Dr. Sculco for the second time. After his thorough examination of my existing situation he told me, "You have advanced arthritis and other damage in both of your knees. If you would like continue your sporting lifestyle and play golf again, you have to have total knee replacement on your knees. I would suggest we operate both knees simultaneously by using a minimally invasive technique since you are physically strong and fit.”

I trusted Dr. Sculco and accepted his proposal. The rest is history. After my successful bilateral total knee replacement surgery, I stayed 4 days at HSS and 7 days at the Columbia Presbyterian Rehabilitation Center. Later I checked into the Belaire facility at HSS to facilitate my physical therapy sessions at the HSS Joint Mobility Center for conveniences. My recovery was painless, effortless and rapid. After 6 weeks of a very effective post-surgery physical therapy program, no more walker, crutches, limping and no further therapy was necessary. I returned to my sporting life after about 3 months by playing golf, traveling and attending social events as before.

In the year 2019, at age of 88, after 13 years of my surgery, I am playing golf 18 holes 2 times a week, participate in some club tournaments and yearly event of BEKO Classic Pro-Am Tournaments -in Antalya Turkey. I am BACK IN THE GAME.

I am grateful to you Dr. Sculco as always.

I thank you endlessly.

Ismet Aktekin

Istanbul -Turkey