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Isabella Bjorkeson

Berkeley Heights, NJ
  • Isabella Bjorkeson in the photo 1
  • Isabella Bjorkeson in the photo 2
  • Isabella Bjorkeson in the photo 3

In high school I participated in many sports but my favorite two were soccer and track and field. During my high school career I experienced 3 shoulder dislocations but never looked into them. Upon being recruited to a collegiate track and field team, I went from being a hurdler and jumper to a heptathlete/pentathlete (7/5 event athlete). I had to start learning events such as shot put and javelin on weak shoulder. After a few more dislocation in college I went to HSS to see what was wrong. Turns out I had a torn labrum for several years and I had no idea.

On August 16th 2016 I received labrum surgery on my right shoulder and by October/November I was feeling great and getting back to sport. Now in early January I am in full competition and back to being a healthy and strong athlete. The picture you see is from a competition last weekend, where I was making attempts at personal best heights and competing in all my events.

I cannot express enough gratitude to the staff, doctors, and surgeons at HSS. Through the entire process I felt incredibly supported and cared for. I would recommend this hospital to all competitive athletes who are looking to making a fast and strong recovery. Good luck to everyone in their recovery process, and thank you HSS!