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New York, NY

Dr. Kirschner has truly given me MY LIFE BACK!

For the past three years, I suffered from chronic back pain. The pain was so severe that I considered myself disabled. Not only could I no longer do household chores, but more importantly, I could neither stand nor walk without experiencing excruciating pain.

Before seeing Dr. Kirschner, I had gone to three orthopedic doctors to no avail. Dr Kirschner recommended that I get a procedure to burn the nerves in my lower back. Although it sounded extremely frightening, it turned out to be no big deal.

Well, it worked-- no more pain! Thanks to Dr. Kirschner, I am back to having a normal, happy, healthy life. Everyone from Dr. Kirschner to the office manager, Shawnda, has been extremely kind and caring from the procedure to my follow up visits.

I will always be grateful, more than words can ever express.