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Irene Flavin

Patterson, NY
  • Irene Flavin in the photo 1

Yes, I am Back in the Game! Thank you HSS and Dr. Alexander Hughes. I am very grateful for having been under the care of such a skilled and experienced doctor and for giving me a new beginning. I am cautiously optimistic about seeing my life as beautiful and fun again.

I'd been having progressively worse lower back pain with a numbness and tingling sensation of both legs for several years. I was under the care of two physicians as well as routine physical therapy, pain medications, and steroids. Nothing worked!

I finally went to see Dr. Hughes in March 2022 and had also received a strong recommendation from a patient at the hospital I worked at, who was a patient of Dr. Hughes as well. I had level 2 posterior lumbar fusion decompression surgery in April 2022. Recovering from such surgery isn't easy. I had lingering pain that didn't go away. Dr. Hughes prescribed physical therapy followed by pain management. This led to excellent results!

Now, I am happy to say that I am totally asymptomatic! I am thankful for the compassion and commitment to patients like me and others who entrust themselves to your care. You deserve a day of appreciation. Happy Doctors Day!

Behind Dr. Hughes is a thoughtful, caring and friendly staff. Thank you all!