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Ilene Weiss

Congers, NY
  • Ilene Weiss in the photo 1

I became a patient at HSS when I was 8 years old. My parents finally found a doctor who diagnosed my problem and knew how to correct it. HSS became a part of my life. My first hip replacement was 24 years ago. I was scared, although the medical professionals told me I would be fine. Then someone said, "Trust in Dr. Salvati." I did, the surgery and recovery went well, and it was all behind me.

Six years later my other hip needed replacing, so again I trusted in Dr. Salvati. This time involved less recuperation time in the hospital, and in 5 days I was home and doing well. Fast forward 24 years. My right hip wears out, and Dr. Salvati was on vacation! His office staff told me there was a covering doctor. Within 10 minutes, Dr. DellaValle called me himself! I was immediately scheduled for an office visit and put on the surgery schedule for that week for a revision. This time I was neither scared or nervous. I knew what to expect and the hospital staff knew exactly what I needed when I was there. 3 days later, I was on my way home and felt great. 8 weeks later, I was on my scheduled trip to Africa, climbing in and out of jeeps while on safari. Thank you HSS for continuing to give me my life back.