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Ilene Mirkine

Westport, CT
  • Ilene Mirkine in the photo 1

As a lifelong passionate skier, I probably should have known 33 years ago - when having my first of 2 ACL reconstructions at HSS - that I would someday be a candidate for at least one total knee replacement. I stayed fit all these years, diligently doing my exercise and, of course, skiing.

Fast forward to early 2020, I was in my early 60s and my knees weren’t having it - the time had come. Fortunately I was referred to Dr. McLawhorn, and after consulting with him, never looked back. I knew that he was the one, and being that the TKR procedure had come such a long way I just went for it. My goal was to get back to my favorite athletic activities, skiing in particular.

The procedure was so much less daunting than my ACL replacements: no general anesthesia or overnight stay, weightbearing day of surgery, and only a minimal amount of painkillers required afterwards (the ice machine helped tremendously). Dr. McLawhorn did my knees a few months apart, I was diligent about my PT, and at 12-months and 9-months post-surgery was able to get back out on the slopes. Success!

I will be cautious about crowds and snow conditions, but so be it. I’m Back in the Game! Not to mention all the other things my surgeries will allow me to do such as travel comfortably, dance, play with my grandchildren, and so on.

HSS has always been my go-to as they are on the cutting edge of procedures and protocols. Dr. McLawhorn and his group were a pleasure to deal with - he is a skilled surgeon, communicates well, and surrounds himself with true professionals. Thank you all for getting me Back in the Game. One very happy patient!