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Hunter Kiselick

Nutley, NJ
  • Hunter Kiselick in the photo 1

I was 22 years old, finishing up my senior, and at the time, final season of football at Georgetown University, when I decided to turn to Dr. McCarthy and HSS.

Looking back, there is no real timeline for when exactly I tore my meniscus. I have been playing sports at a competitive level virtually my entire life, and at this point, I had lingering knee pain for about a year and a half.

However, it was not until our first league game, about 6 games into the regular season, in the 3rd quarter versus Bucknell University when my knee felt serious. I remember feeling an incredible pop in the middle of a play, and this "lingering knee pain" had suddenly become severe. Obviously, rather than take the rest of the season off, I had my knee wrapped up and I headed back in to finish the game. After limping through the remaining 5 games of the season, I immediately made an appointment with Dr. McCarthy and HSS.

The hospitality, confidence, and genuine nature of Dr. McCarthy and HSS had me feeling worry free heading into my first surgery. Dr. McCarthy's level of professionalism eradicated any anxiety or feeling of nervousness. Before I knew it, I was awake and ready to go home.

Post-surgery, I felt little to no pain, I could drive within a day, and with daily rehab and exercise, I returned to 100% full strength within a few months. More importantly, my knee felt strong enough to where I had the confidence to pursue a red shirt season I had discovered I could earn within my eligibility.

Leaving the game of football after my senior season limping away, I was left with a bitter feeling to say the least. Dr. McCarthy gave me the opportunity to have the confidence to finish what I started and to leave the sport feeling like I gave it my all. During my red shirt season, I recorded my best statistical season of football since I started playing the sport, earning league-wide and nationally recognized awards for my play on a weekly basis, as well as throughout the entirety of the season.

Thank you so much Dr. McCarthy, I will most likely see you soon now that I am in the full swing of retirement!