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Hunter Church

Cadyville, NY
  • Hunter Church in the photo 1

My name is Hunter Church, Bobsled Pilot for Team USA, currently training for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China. Bobsled is the type of sport that constantly puts your body through rigorous stresses, ranging from long training days of lifting weights and sprints, to pushing 400 pound sleds and taking trips down the track going 90 mph plus while your body experiences up to five times your body weight. Through the 2017-18 season, I competed through a great deal of hip pain in my left hip while attempting to help qualify for the Winter Games in South Korea. Deep groin pain and lower abdominal pain were a constant factor, limiting me from any type of training, on and off the ice. Prior to imaging the injury had gone misdiagnosed as a sport hernia. The pain had eventually got to the point where training was left on the back burner, and it was a constant battle to stay in the mix to accomplish our goal. Though I had to endure the injury, my team and myself managed to qualify our third four man sled for the Olympics. Once the season had ended, the glaring issue of getting to the bottom of the injury became the priority.

I first came into contact with Dr. Kelly through my local chiropractor and our team physician. Dr. Kelly was very professional upon our first meeting, and the confidence that he had in his ability and what the best course of action for myself would be were instant attractions. It was discovered that I had a torn labrum, and an impingement in my left hip. Knowing the list of professional athletes he had his hands on and bringing them back to action was very comforting for myself and moving forward with my athletic career. I went into surgery April 17th and was able to leave the hospital that day. The pain management was incredibly easy post-op, and I credit that to the minimally invasive surgery Dr. Kelly performed. I have now been post-op for 4 months at this point, and I am back to training almost full time. I am able to run, lift and almost sprint completely at this point of my recovery 100% pain free. My goals are to compete in the 2022 Olympics and earn our country some medals through the process. There is a lot of work to get there, but without Dr. Kelly and his staff I would not even be able to dream of doing what I do!