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Hugh Howarth

Rutherford, NJ
  • Hugh Howarth in the photo 1

I severely injured my L5/S1 during competitive wrestling in 2015. Before coming to HSS I tried all varieties of PT and pain management and had multiple surgical consults that either said I was not a good candidate for a procedure or that I was too young to be thinking of it. Things were getting worse and worse. It got to a point where I was having trouble picking up my young son.

When I met Dr. Qureshi, he reviewed my MRI and suggested I was a great candidate for a lumbar disc replacement as he had had great success with other people around my age. The procedure went flawlessly with no complications and I was back at work within a few days.

I am now 3 months post-op and have full range of motion, flexibility and strength back in my lower back. I am able to jog, swim, hike, box, lift weights and most importantly, play with my son all the time!

I feel like I did pre-injury all those years ago. Dr Qureshi and his team at HSS along with all the other staff have been amazing! They granted me a new lease on life!