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Houda Haouari

New York, NY

Dr. Huang gave me my life back! I was diagnosed with a C5-C6 disk herniation 2 years ago which would cause extreme pain from my neck down to my whole left side shoulder and arm. I tried everything to treat it from physical therapy to acupuncture to epidurals and medication (nerve pain and muscle relaxers). The pain was debilitating. I was finally told by Dr. Robert Griffin at HSS that I should consider surgery. He recommended 3 surgeons to me and Dr. Huang was one of them. After doing my research I chose to go with Dr. Huang. The staff at the HSS Integrative Center (where I was getting my PT) all spoke very highly of Dr. Huang and told me if went with him, I was in good hands. What I appreciated about Dr. Huang is that he first reviews your medical file, MRIs and x-rays before meeting with you to decide if you are a good candidate for surgery. From the initial consultation appointment I felt so at ease and comfortable with him. He went over all my MRI images with me and patiently explained what the images revealed and which surgery options were available in my case. I asked Dr. Huang many questions, which he answered thoughtfully. I never felt rushed. He thoroughly explained the procedure, expectations and risks as well. He was very cordial and calming at the end of the visit. It took me a couple of days to decide I was going to proceed with the surgery with Dr. Huang and I’m so happy I did! I had my surgery 11 weeks ago and I feel great! Dr. Huang performed a total disc replacement at C5–C6. Recovery was not so bad at all. His staff is excellent. HSS is a great hospital. I can finally live pain free! Thank you so much Dr. Huang!!!