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Hong Liu

Dezhou, China
  • Hong Liu in the photo 1
  • Hong Liu in the photo 2
  • Hong Liu in the photo 3

It is very hard to use a few words or a short essay to describe my experience with this surgery at HSS, because it holds a substantial meaning, one that has been big enough to change my life.

A failed childhood surgery worsened my condition which made me view this surgery with much more caution, even with some fear and panic. But, I am truly grateful to Dr. Su. He not only patiently answered all kinds of surgical questions, but also gave me confidence. Because my condition is slightly more serious, I had some challenges during the recovery process as well. I kept in touch with Dr. Su after my surgery. Although we were thousands of miles apart, he would always reply to every one of my questions without delay, giving me motivation to keep going on my path to recovery. I have never met such a patient doctor before I feel that what Dr. Su has done for me has far surpassed his professional responsibility. He wants to better help his patients in every way. He is the person I will be grateful to for the rest of my life. He is my savior!

Here, I would also like to thank HSS and its entire medical team for everything they have done. They provided excellent medical care. I really hated hospitals! Hospitals usually make me think of the thick smell of disinfectant and white ceilings, but HSS changed my view of hospitals. The staff loved me and treated me like family, which made me feel at ease.

Now, I can finally walk normally without pain and discomfort. The feeling of walking normally for the first time in my life is truly amazing! It’s like I have been given a new life. It’s very hard to express this feeling in words: it is as though a new life waiting for me. Let’s go future!

p.s. The picture was taken on a trip to San Francisco after my follow up.

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