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Homero Villarreal

New Canaan, CT
  • Homero Villarreal in the photo 1
  • Homero Villarreal in the photo 2

On April 6, 2011, I had TKR with Dr. Steven Haas. I had been battling with this for over 60 years due to a misalignment of the knee at birth, so this seemed to be the only option. Dr. Haas operated on me in 1996 when he was still relatively young and when it came time for TKR I thought of no one else. Before surgery I watched Dr. Haas’ webcast of TKR from 2009 and was very impressed. What I learned is that he is not only an excellent surgeon but he is an artist in the operating room--molding and finding the best parts for the patient; his flexibility to make decisions and quickly adapt as he moves along with the process really impressed me. I was sold because this surgery should not be “cookie cutter” so speak, but tailor made to suit the individual. What I loved about the experience was the music in the operating room as you are rolled in and the humor. In 1996, it was rock and in 2011, C&W. I smiled as I went into surgery thinking how time had changed Dr. Haas’ taste in music. So far I have been very happy with the results and hope he has given me parts that will last my lifetime.