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Holly Pecina

Clark, NJ
  • Holly Pecina in the photo 1

In October 2013, I suddenly had severe pain in my neck followed by paralysis of my left arm. I had some stiffness over the years in my neck, but never had X-rays or MRI. I couldn't ignore it any longer. I knew I was in trouble when my MRI was 3 pages long. I saw 3 surgeons in one week.

I decided to have my surgery at HSS. Their reputation was undeniable. I saw Dr. Hughes on December 12th and had my 3 level fusion on the 18th. Everyone was wonderful. When I woke up from surgery, I was in a lot of pain. They called the pain management team and adjusted my medicine. They were able to control my pain. I was really worried about the scar on my neck, but Dr. Hughes did such a great job closing my incision, you can't even see it. My surgery was a complete success and regained movement in my left arm and the pain in my neck has subsided. Everyone in the hospital is trained to take care of orthopedic patients. I will never go anywhere else for surgery!