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Holly Manley

New York, NY
  • Holly Manley in the photo 1

I have had bad knees ever since my 50s and then it escalated. It's a horrible feeling to go walking with friends and you can't keep up with them. I couldn't do stairs and some chores became difficult too. All the things that I wanted to do were put on hold, Even taking my dogs to the park became a task -- and every orthopedic doctor I saw said I would need knee replacements down the line.

I had an ACL Replacement in '89 at HSS and it was an incredible hospital then, so I knew where I wanted to go for my knee replacements. I did my research on doctors and met with a few, and the one that had the most impact on me was David Mayman. He was very open about my options and how he would handle things. There is something about him, I trusted him and I put my faith in him and he did not disappoint. It was a year before I actually had my first surgery. I did my right knee in 2015 and the left in 2016. I've been told by several people that most people after doing one knee don't do the second because they don't want to go through it again. I never had a bad experience with the first and did the second around the same time the following year. It's great going to Dr. Mayman's office and hearing him say let me see you walk and I can and I am not in pain anymore. It's a miracle!

Dr. Mayman's staff is incredible. I would call his office for something and they would take care of it for me, so I could just concentrate on my recovery. I went home in 3 days, was walking with a cain after the 1st day. I had a nurse, physical therapist and home attendant visit me at my home and it was great. It was nice to be in my own surroundings. If there was a medical issue, either Dr. Mayman or his Physician's Assistant, Brian would contact me. You can't get much better than that!

As far as HSS goes, the service is the best! From the nurses, physical therapists and attendants. I wanted cheese and crackers and the food service person was picking up my morning tray and I asked if I could get some. He came back about an hour later. When I asked where the kitchen was, he told me it was across the street. He didn't have to do be nice, but he was. HSS employees go out of their way to be cordial and helpful.

All in all one of the best experiences I ever had was meeting Dr. Mayman and having my knees done at HSS.