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Holly Heppner

Highland, NY
  • Holly Heppner in the photo 1
  • Holly Heppner in the photo 2

In 2010 I fell from an extension ladder in my home. As a result, I broke my left calcaneus (heel) in the fall. So it began a very long ordeal of recovery and testing my resolve for 5 years. At the time of my injury I was a very active person, jogging and working out every day. I had retired the year before and looked so forward to pursuing my passions for hiking, traveling, gardening, and skiing! Having been an athlete all my life I was in disbelief when my first surgeon (not from HSS) gave me the news: "This is life changing, you won't be able to jog again or pursue your activities without pain." After two surgeries and four years of rehabilitation and working so hard, I couldn't take the pain that had developed from traumatic arthritis in my subtalar joint. I had seen commercials for HSS on T.V. and decided to make an appointment. I found myself in Dr. Demetracopoulos' examining room and instantly knew I had made the right choice! Not only did he alleviate my fears, he gave me long overdue hope with his knowledge, explanations, and kind manner. In January 2015 "Dr. D" performed a fusion of the subtalar joint. It was once again a long scary recovery, hoping and praying for the bone to fuse. But with "Dr. D's" skill and guidance and my hard work I am back to doing all I love and even some new hobbies! I am now walking without a limp and yes, you guessed it, "jogging"! Thank You "Dr. D" and the amazing staff at HSS!