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Holly Fee

South Amboy, NJ
  • Holly Fee in the photo 1
  • Holly Fee in the photo 2

Sorry this a very LONG OVERDUE review. I am just over 1 year from my hamstring reattachment surgery with Dr. Nawabi (who is AMAZING!) and back to my normal routine.

I ruptured my hamstrings at the beach at the end of August 2022. Unfortunately I went to a local orthopedic group in NJ (NOT HSS) and they misdiagnosed me and sent me away without an MRI and told me to come back if it got worse. So I toughed it out for 2 months but my gait was changing, I was unable to walk up hills and pain was increasing. I also teach Pilates and was not able to do certain exercises and stretches. My husband insisted that I go to HSS and get a second opinion. So we went to the Paramus office and they sent me for an MRI which showed a complete tear and 11 cm retraction of the left semimembranosus tendon, as well as common origin of the left long head of biceps and semitendinosus tendons.

Because I waited so long this became a more complicated surgery so we researched the doctors in NYC area that did this and found Dr. Nawabi. When we went to see him he was very kind and upfront explaining the severity of my injury and the risks associated with the procedure as well as what the recovery would be like (not being able to sit for a while) and scheduled me within a week to have my surgery. Since there was 11cm retraction and I waited 2 months, there was a possibility that he would need to add an extension with a tendon allograft. He also explained that he would like Dr. Duretti Fufa (hand and upper extremity surgeon) to assist with the sciatic nerve neurolysis during hamstring repair. 

The day of surgery Dr. Nawabi met with my husband and I and explained everything that would happen again and made us both feel very comfortable. It was an evening surgery so my husband couldn’t stay but Dr. Nawabi called him personally when the procedure was complete to let him know how everything went. He met me in recovery room and explained that everything went well but because of the chronic retraction he had to extend it with a tendon graft. I was also very pleased that he did a beautiful job and was able to make the incision under the crease of my glute to hide the scarring.

I spent the night in recovery and the nurses were great and had me up the next morning showing me how to navigate with crutches and the leg brace.

Dr. Nawabi had prepared my husband and I on what to expect with very specific instructions for the next 12 weeks of recovery and continued PT instructions to follow. If you have this surgery be prepared to lay on your side a lot (even during the car ride home). Luckily I have an awesome husband that set me up for a successful recovery, asked a lot of questions and took great care of me.

Thank you Dr. Nawabi, Dr. Fufa and everyone involved with scheduling, pre-op and guiding me through the process. I am so grateful to have found the BEST Surgeons to help me and sorry it has taken me so long to write this. I guess I have been busy getting back to my Pilates and all the activities I love to do.

- Holly Fee