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Holly Crane

Windsor, NY
  • Holly Crane in the photo 1
  • Holly Crane in the photo 2

I tore my ACL in the Fall of 2013 while playing soccer and I felt like my world was ending. I have been a competitive athlete my whole life and when I'm not playing sports, I find some way to be moving. I work as a personal trainer in NYC and when I was injured, I wasn't sure how I was going to maintain my lifestyle and my job.

But then I went to HSS and met Dr. Difelice. I had my surgery (which was an ACL repair, not reconstruction) on November 26th and I was back to work by the first week of September. Two weeks later, I was off crutches. After 3 months, I was running again. It is now almost exactly one year after my surgery and I am stronger and faster than I was before the injury. I have gotten personal records in all of my lifts (back squat - 200lbs, front squat - 155 lbs, deadlift-275lbs, olympic clean - 135lbs) and in August (9 months post-op) I competed in the hardest division of the Civilian Military Combine, placed very highly, and did not once think about my knee. Dr. DiFelice's method of repairing my ligament saved me so much and pain and I couldn't be more thankful to him. If you are considering a repair with Dr. D, do yourself a favor and do it. When you win, you'll win big.