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Henry Reynolds

Piermont, NY
  • Henry Reynolds in the photo 1

I was suffering from hip pain from years of running and other physical activity. I did a race Memorial Day weekend and finally said enough is enough. I started researching Anterior Hip Replacement and found a very highly recommended referral to have a consult with Dr. Nawabi. I met this talented surgeon and he listened to my concerns and gently calmed my fears and told me that I will be better than new. I scheduled the surgery for October 2015 and my constant hip pain over the summer assured me that I made a wise decision. When one goes for Total Hip Replacement, there are surgeons who favor different methods. Dr. Nawabi specializes in Anterior Replacement, but will do what the patient requests. I decided on Anterior; recovery is so much quicker that I was walking with crutches on day 1 and without crutches by day 7. Today at 8 weeks I'm on the treadmill at 3.00 mi an hour for 3 miles, finished with physical therapy and I'm totally pain free. The old pain actually radiated to my lower left back and that's gone as well. I'm back to lifting weights and feel like a new man. Thanks Dr. Nawabi !