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Helen Rossi

Astoria, NY
  • Helen Rossi in the photo 1

I first came to HSS for major hip problems as a result of terrible limping on my left hip. I first had total bilateral hip replacement in 1995/1996. This was a slow deterioration over years but I knew that HSS specialized in orthopedics so I searched for specialist in hips. I originally was under the care of a physician who performed surgery to my left hip on Sept 11, 2019. Supposedly everything went well until my hip dislocated again on March 5, 2020 through no accident or trauma done by myself. I was in the shower and it just rotated out. So I was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian as HSS does not accept emergency cases but is next door to HSS. I was then transferred to HSS and was placed under the care of Dr. Blevins who then surgery on my left hip again. This time, parts were replaced and implanted in me so that bone would naturally grow around prosthesis. It has been almost 8 months since my surgery and everything seems so much stronger and I am back to doing ballroom dancing which has been my go to activity and I am performing well at it thanks to Dr. Blevins and HSS.