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Helen D’Errico

Miller Place, NY
  • Helen D’Errico in the photo 1
  • Helen D’Errico in the photo 2

I was referred to Dr. Kim by a neurosurgeon for a surgical spine consult. Dr. Han Jo Kim examined me, reviewed my x-rays and MRI, and suggested surgery to correct my deformity and have a better quality of life.

I had severe scoliosis with a spinal curve over 80% and kyphosis. My height decreased from 5 feet 4 inches to 4 feet 10 inches. After speaking and discussing with Dr. Kim what was involved in the surgery, I started to make arrangements for the surgical procedure.

Dr Kim’s staff was exceptional from Theresa, Ryan, Mike and the Nursing department. They really help me organize my schedule and appointments and were a great support team. I had my surgery at HSS. The hospital staff gave wonderful care and was very attentive to making sure I was comfortable. I am pleased to say that I was extremely happy with the hospital and staff. My anesthesiologist was exceptional. He came to check up on me often during my hospital stay and made me feel very comfortable. My stay was 7 days in the hospital and 10 days in rehab to get myself on my feet.

Dr. Kim is wonderful, honest and trustworthy. His bedside manor is wonderful. Dr. Kim cares deeply for his patients. I felt very confident in choosing Dr. Kim as my surgeon. I recommend Dr Kim to anyone who is considering a second opinion or considering surgery. I have been going for my post-surgical follow ups as scheduled. My progress is coming along nicely. Thanks to Dr. Kim, I am now standing straight and regained my height back to 5 feet 4 inches. I have a new start to life.