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Helaine Randerson

Princeton, NJ

I am 71-years old and WAS a passionate traveler and art lover, until I became so knock-kneed with arthritis that I was virtually housebound. My first total knee replacement was October 2010; the second was that following December. My first museum visit in years (Secrets of the Silk Road) happened in mid-March 2011. (A cane proved unnecessary, but I still take one along when in unknown turf.) Milling around around in crowds peering at ancient artifacts doesn't make for a stunning image to illustrate my first steps back to the life I love, but keep in mind that 2-1/2 hours standing on hard museum floors is a good test of knee recovery. I'm probably not going to travel the Silk Road but am progressing enough to start planning a trip to Italy. My experience with HSS couldn't have been better, and I'm happy to talk to anyone who wants a patient's-eye-view of TKR at HSS'