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Heidi Roland

Lake Placid, NY
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After nearly 10 years of progressive osteoarthritis in my hip it was time for me to get back in the game of life! Six weeks after a total hip replacement I am sleeping soundly (this is big!), walking well and getting stronger every single day. I truly believe I will be doing it all - skiing, hiking, cycling, tennis and yoga -soon. I think highly of Dr. Friedrich Boettner and his skill. I appreciate his confidence with his patients gaining full recovery. Thank you!

October 22, 2019:

I was nervous about having a total hip replacement at the young age of 60. Although I was limited in my many activities due to pain, I sure didn't want to give up any of my games because of an artificial hip. Well, I need not have worried so much about that! Dr. Friedrich Boettner was confident that I would have an excellent and speedy recovery - and he was right. I ski, hike, bike. swim and work out at the gym. I play tennis and paddle. I do handstands and practice yoga. I dig in the garden and dance. I sleep comfortably. My HSS experience was wonderful and more than I expected. I will not wait too long on my other hip and I will return to HSS.