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Hector Escobar

Valley Stream, El Salvador
  • Hector Escobar in the photo 1
  • Hector Escobar in the photo 2

Hi my name is Hector, and I wanted to start my saying a HUGE “THANK YOU” to Dr. Inglis!

He literally gave me my life back.

Before my knee surgery I was in constant pain whether I was sitting, standing, sleeping or walking. I was miserable! I tried every non-surgical procedure to cure the pain but nothing worked.

I was very nervous when Dr. Inglis recommended that we do a double partial knee surgery, but through speaking with him, he made me feel comfortable to do both knees at the same time. He was patient with the many questions that I had and made me feel confident that everything was going to be OK. I followed Dr. Inglis instructions for physical therapy after the surgery which is very important for recovery. My physical therapist was very impressed with my healing process from surgery that she even recommended 2 of her patients and a relative of hers to see Dr. Inglis.

After surgery it was a bit tough but I was in no pain at all! (A bit sore but nothing like the severe pain I was in prior to surgery).

It has been a year since my surgery and I am so happy that I did the surgery!! I sometimes even forget that I had the knee surgery. I am absolutely in no pain and my right leg that was previously bowed is straight now.

Dr. Inglis and all the staff at HSS are wonderful, their professionalism cannot be compared. I would highly recommend Dr. Inglis to anyone who is thinking about surgery.

I also want to give a thank you to Maria (Dr. Inglis' office manager)- she is a gem!! She was always a delight to deal with and her and Dr. Inglis make a great team!

Dr. Inglis and HSS - the best doctor and hospital in NYC!!!


Hector Escobar