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Harry Spiegle

New York, NY
  • Harry Spiegle in the photo 1

While spring skiing in Utah I tore my ACL and meniscus during an accident. I immediately contacted HSS and Dr. Stephen Fealy. I needed to have a full ACL replacement and my meniscus repaired. The ACL fully recovered, but unfortunately, the meniscus did not completely heal and during a weekend jog in Central Park I developed a new tear. I then visited Dr. Moira McCarthy, who specializes in meniscus repair and she assured me she could get me back to near normal. I can tell you it is under a year and I am back to full activities including wind sprints. I am very grateful to Dr. McCarthy for helping me get back to my active life. I still need to perform therapy every so often but will a little effort I was able to back to to my activities.