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Harlan Sender

Oradell, NJ
  • Harlan Sender in the photo 1

I had been suffering with chronic low back pain caused by herniated and degenerated discs, as well as sciatic pain down my leg. Back pain can often prove to be debilitating, not allowing me to live the life I was accustomed to. Travel, participating in sports and other physical activities became too difficult and painful. Enjoying time spent with family and friends became virtually impossible. Dr. Baxi presented me with the various options and treatment scenarios for my condition. The first treatment cured the leg and sciatic pain, which greatly increased my mobility and allowed me to do many more activities. Targeted physical therapy helped to strengthen my core. While the therapy helped, we determined that ablation would likely be able to treat the chronic low back pain. Within weeks after the ablation procedure, almost all of my back pain was gone. I felt like a new person - able to do so many of the things I used to take for granted. Not experiencing constant pain is an uplifting dynamic, giving me a new found sense of optimism and physical freedom. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Baxi's skill, professionalism, and care.