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Hans Brase

Clover, SC
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From the moment I spoke with Dr. Allen on the phone I knew he was the right guy to perform my ACL revision surgery. Although he did not know me at the time we met, he treated me as if I were a family member of his with his thorough and kind approach to everything. Post-surgery, he immediately introduced me to his right-hand PT Patrick. As I quickly realized how great Patrick was, I made sure to see him as often as possible. He challenged me, comforted me, and was there for me day in and day out throughout the recovery process. From learning how to walk again all the way until now as I am back playing professional basketball and feeling great, Dr. Allen and Patrick were there for me. As I still tell them now through text messages from time to time and as I used to tell them in person while I was still in NYC, they saved my career and I am beyond blessed to call these two men good friends. If I ever have anything in the future I know I am in good hands with them and would recommend them to anyone who needs any type of orthopedic help.

Lastly, Dr. Drakos, through recommendation from Dr. Allen, was also extremely helpful in my recovery and rehabilitation process. Working in conjunction with the instructions from Patrick and Dr. Allen, Dr. Drakos was able to use his knowledge and expertise in tendons to add just another special set of skills to help me and my plan to get back to the basketball court. Once again, this shows how great of care I received from HSS. Not only was I in constant communication with my surgeon, Dr. Allen, and my PT, Patrick Vignona, I was also introduced and often in contact with Dr. Drakos, another top HSS surgeon in his own specialized field. All of the above lead to my great current health and overall love for everything HSS and its staff was able to do for me after going through such a tough time in my life.

I can say without a doubt I would not be anywhere close to where I am today without the help of Dr. Answorth Allen, Patrick Vignona, and Dr. Mark Drakos. These three men were insurmountable in my quest to get back on the court and I owe them the utmost for their help and care. I would not want to be treated by anyone else and am glad I was able to work with, and more importantly, become good friends with, Dr. Allen, Patrick, and Dr. Drakos.

To anyone who is reading this, keep fighting as there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I truly believe with all my heart that HSS and its staff of doctors, physical therapists, nurses, and everyone in between is the best in the world and there is nobody I would rather be in the hands of when I am injured. I trusted these people with my athletic career on January 12, 2017 when I went in for surgery and I would trust them with my life going forward.

Safe to say I am back in the game and it is all thanks to the amazing people at HSS for helping me.