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Hailey Pawlenko

Wantagh, NY
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Hello all. I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Hailey. Hailey is a level 8 competitive gymnast, that was training level 9. In the world of gymnastics, there are only 10 levels. Hailey was on top of the world, with many accomplishments in the sport of gymnastics. She had to suffer through gyms being shut down due to COVID, and was finally getting back to training. Unfortunately, during a virtual meet, she had a devastating elbow injury with a displaced avulsion fracture of medial epicondyle left humerus. In other words, she broke her elbow and would require surgery.

We took her for an x-ray locally and were told she may need emergency surgery that day. Having had experience with Dr. Fabricant (who treated my son for an ankle injury) and HSS, we called over to see if they could get us in for an emergency appointment. The next day she went to HSS and that night, Dr. Fabricant performed surgery on her, which she had a big screw in her elbow as a result. Hailey’s injury is somewhat controversial in that some doctors choose to just cast the elbow. Having had no prior experience with surgery, the nerves kicked in. I didn’t want just anyone to treat my daughter, I wanted the best of the best and I wanted reassurance that Hailey was being treated the right way from the start. HSS did just that. From the check in at the reception to the x-rays and the recovery, everyone was top notch. I honestly never second guessed my decision. We even had a million dollar view of New York City!

Dr. Fabricant said at the first visit that Hailey is the “real deal” and his goal was to treat her so that she would be able to fully heal and get back to the sport that she loves and had dedicated many years of training to. I had my doubts. That was 5 months ago. In 5 months time, Hailey went from missing 55 degrees in her elbow mobility to regaining full mobility. Dr. Fabricant was right! It was not an easy journey by any means and in addition to the surgery, she also had COVID, which would set her back another month. She had amazing help at her physical therapy facility. Ashley has been a tremendous part of her speedy recovery. She also had great support from all her coaches at JA Gymnastics, especially John, Devyn and Anthony – who is like a second father to her. She came to Dr. Fabricant devastated and broken, unsure if she would ever be able to do gymnastics again. 5 months later she is fully healed and will be able to resume gymnastics, with no restrictions, next month.

Hailey has one more surgery ahead of her next year, but is a success story because of HSS and especially because of Dr. Fabricant. Aside from the great bedside manner, patience, incredible knowledge and high skill level, Dr. Fabricant is extremely funny and calming. Hailey is only 13-years-old and will look back on this experience as a memory of the past, and, one that made her a stronger, patient person and athlete. We can’t thank you enough and encourage anyone in a similar situation not to give up. If Hailey can do it, you can do it too!