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Gus Yalden

Appleton, WI
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I had primary surgery on my fifth metatarsal in Vail Colorado - the original injury occurred while I was attending and playing basketball for the national basketball team at IMG.

After three months of healing I was released to return to play. Three days after my return the familiar pain was back. I was diagnosed with nonunion of surgically repaired Jones fracture. I was allowed to finish my summer basketball season as pain tolerated. I competed in Nike EYBL Peach Jam in Augusta and my team, CP3, made it to the semifinals. During the game a player landed on the top of my foot just above the nonunion. I felt a pop and couldn’t continue. Upon x-ray it was clear that there was significantly more of a fracture line as well as a spiral fracture up the bone. The team in Vail referred me to Dr. O’Malley. The only catch was I had to be in his clinic by 5pm Wednesday because he was leaving for vacation at 2pm on Thursday.

My mom and I flew to New York, spent the night and made our way to his clinic. He reviewed x-rays and told me I needed to have revision surgery. My heart sank. He tried to get me in for surgery that night, and then again Thursday morning. The only way he could operate on my foot before he left would be if he delayed his flight. My surgery was scheduled for 5pm Thursday. Dr. O’Malley changed his trip to make sure he took care of me and my future athletic career.

After a long four months of recovery I returned to playing basketball in mid December. In June I committed to play collegiate basketball. This summer I played for City Rocks out of Albany, and in July, I was named 2nd Team for the Nike EYBL event Peach Jam, where my world came crashing in one year ago after that unforgettable moment when I knew I rebroke my foot. This month I will participate as a NIKE EYBL all star in the Circuit championship in Las Vegas. God put me in the hands of the one surgeon that could surgically repair my foot and in so doing put me back in the court where I can peruse my dreams and goals. I will never forget the team of providers that took care of me at HSS. They made it possible for me to return to doing what I love and I am forever grateful!

#22 Gus “Bus” Yalden