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Grover Jones

New York, NY
  • Grover Jones in the photo 1
  • Grover Jones in the photo 2

I have been to HSS many times over the years for sports-related injuries. I’ve been a runner for 40 years and a biker for 10. I’ve been in the hospital for a broken elbow, a total knee replacement, lumbar fusion, and now, total hip replacement. In every case my experience couldn’t have been better. The check-in process always goes quickly and smoothly (I never have to wait when I move from one station to another) and the staff always makes it clear to me where I go next or there is someone to escort me. The doctors and staff assigned to treat me always meet me in the preparation room to interview me and explain the procedure that is to be done. The post-op staff is always friendly and helpful and always comes to my bed immediately if I pushed the aid button. And the technology used throughout the hospital is all cutting edge. Most important, I trust the doctors and staff at HSS because I know they are the best to be had. HSS is very patient focused. I am very lucky to live in Manhattan and have this exceptional care only a few blocks from my home. I wouldn’t want to be treated elsewhere.