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Gregory Van Sant

Bayonne, NJ
  • Gregory Van Sant in the photo 1

Pitching at the Perfect Game, Georgia Boot Camp, with the hope of getting recruited by college scouts, my nightmare began. My left elbow was in pain and I had a tingling sensation in my left-hand fingers. It hurt so badly I couldn’t even lift a medium Dunkin Donut ice coffee cup!

My parents aggressively searched out the finest and coolest sports care medical doctor around, Dr. Kathryn McElheny. Doc diagnosed me with an elbow stress fracture. I reluctantly heard those dreadful words, “No pitching, hitting or throwing for 6 to 8 weeks!”

I wasn’t going to be defeated!!! I followed Doc’s orders which consisted of an awesome detailed 3x per week therapy, working on upper body core and scaphoid strengthening. I worked hard and got even stronger.

One month later, my telehealth appointment was great. Dr. McElheny cleared me to only DH in games. She also provided me with an interval throwing program to transition me back to the playing field. I was pumped!!!! Also, Doc is so chill to talk to. We enjoyed a few laughs together. I felt very comfortable and I knew there was hope that I will get Back in the Game. That weekend, I played DH in 2 double headers. I exceeded my expectations at the plate and had no pain in my elbow. I am on top of the world. Next step is getting back on the mound. Thank you Dr. McElheny, Arelis Garcia (office manager), and Milay Tejada (medical secretary) for all you do and getting me Back in the Game I love - baseball. You are the tops!!!!