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Gregory Pressman

New York, NY
  • Gregory Pressman in the photo 1

I had been suffering from the effects of spinal stenosis for about nine months when I first consulted Dr. Schwab. He recommended a single stage fusion at the fourth & fifth lumbar vertebrae, with a widening of the affected area. I had the procedure on Monday, July 9, and was discharged from HSS two days later.

I have to admit that I was initially apprehensive, as I had never had major surgery before. The procedure went extremely well, with no complications or bad side effects, and it completely relieved my discomfort. I’ve been able to walk comfortably, and I’ve started running again (very conservatively - a minute or two at a time on the treadmill). I can’t thank Dr. Schwab enough. I also must thank his assistant, Debra Jacobs.

In addition, the care that I received at HSS was terrific. The nurses and patient care assistants were superb. I had relatively mild post-surgical discomfort, and I was treated with the highest level of consideration and respect during my hospitalization.