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Greg Zorthian

Greenwich, CT
  • Greg Zorthian in the photo 1

I've been playing squash for over 40 years. I first saw a doctor at HSS in the early 2000s for knee pain. He told me that I was wearing down the cartilage and I could either quit the sport or eventually need new knees. I continued to play and the pain increased. I tried cortisone, which worked for about a year, and then lubricant, which didn't work at all. I had to stop playing squash, golf, and even hiking with my wife. I was bone-on-bone and in constant pain. It was time. Dr. McLawhorn was highly recommended and was the best decision I could have made. He replaced one knee in December 2020 and the second 3 months later. By January 2022, I was back playing squash with my regular playing partner of 30 years. I now play twice a week, I golf (and walk the course), and I travel and hike with my wife. It is great to be Back in the Game!