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Greg Smith

Corning, NY
  • Greg Smith in the photo 1

Dr. Buly suggested a hip replacement after a lifetime of hip impingement had left me with labral tears and eventually arthritis. The pain was incredible and limited my activity level from what it had been many years earlier. NSAIDs left me with stomach ulcers and really didn't help. The surgery was flawless and I was walking the SAME day. I was walking over a mile a day within the first week and after my recovery period my range of motion was seemingly unchanged from before my injuries. Dr. Buly installed a ceramic/ceramic implant which is fantastic. I am back to backpacking, carrying my full 50 lb pack over the rocky mountains again, with NO problems. I can jog, play tennis, jump rope, and I even do squats in the weight room with more weight than guys decades younger, all with no pain. After 2 years, my checkups reveal no evident wear. I once told Dr. Buly that if I didn't know I had an implant, I wouldn't even notice it. HSS and Dr. Buly are clearly the best in the business and I recommend them to everyone I know.