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Greg Osborne

Salt Lake City, UT
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While skiing at Alta, I took a really bad crash. I got caught in some variable snow and tomahawked for about 200 ft. As I came to a stop, I knew something was wrong in my knee. I could stand on it, however it was in severe pain. After getting x-rays and an MRI in Salt Lake City, a doctor told me that I needed to get a full ACL reconstruction and would be out for 6-8 months.

I then sought out a second opinion. I went back home where I grew up and visited Dr. DiFelice in NYC. He was absolutely awesome and really worked with me to get the most honest diagnosis of my knee. Turns out that my ACL was completely in tact and that I had a gnarly bone bruise through my femur and on the top of my tibia. This was the reason for the world of pain I was in.

I was able to schedule arthroscopic surgery with Dr. DiFelice within a few days to repair the tear in my meniscus. It was a quick procedure that allowed me to get back to what I love doing. I was able to get back to skiing and mountain biking within a few short weeks and have felt 100% ever since!

Thanks Dr. DiFelice!