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Greg Kay

Highlandfalls, NY

About two years ago I was diagnosed with torn rotator cuff tendons and partially torn bicep tendon in my left shoulder. Because my job is labor intensive and I'm self employed, I tried multiple PRP shots and stem cell grafts on my shoulder. None of those procedures did any good so I wasted almost a year suffering daily. I decided to get a second opinion and researched top shoulder doctors in N.Y. area. This led me to HSS and Doctor Gulotta. When I saw him he evaluated my shoulder immediately and I was scheduled for surgery three weeks later. After all the horror stories of rotator cuff surgery I was expecting the worst. Because of the severity of the injuries, I was not to start P.T. for eight weeks. P.T. was an effort, but my progress was always steady. When I finished P.T. three months later, my therapist said she never saw a shoulder that badly injured get to be so good. She always says Dr. Gulotta did an amassing job. So again, my thanks to Dr. Gulotta and HSS for everything.