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Gracelyn Tuoti

Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Gracelyn Tuoti in the photo 1

After abusing my ankle with years of improper dance technique, I found myself in pain when I walked, much less danced. My ankle was riddled with arthritis and tendonitis, and was negatively impacting my quality of life. Unhappy with not being able to do the ballroom dancing that I loved, at my physician husband's suggestion, I turned to Dr. Kathleen Davenport at HSS Florida for help. She quickly and accurately diagnosed my problem, devised a treatment plan, and followed through to ensure I could get back to dancing, as quickly as possible. She also worked with Allie Dee, physical therapist, to develop a plan to improve my technique to keep me from reinjury. This video is proof. My right ankle can not only take the rigors of ballroom dancing, but I can do the tricks and spins, like this one, where I am off balance and completely placing all my weight on it while my partner rotates me. Thank you, Dr. Davenport!! Without your help, this would be impossible!