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Grace Sobczyk

Butler, NJ
  • Grace Sobczyk in the photo 1

Dr. Boettner is a wonderful, very skilled orthopedic surgeon. Under his care I had two complex total hip replacement surgeries done within 7 weeks apart (1/24/2024 and 3/12/2024).

He was able to successfully correct my childhood chronic bilateral hip dysplasia with severe bilateral osteoarthritis and other issues resulting from the prior surgery.

Throughout the years of my childhood and adult life I was in pain. Eventually, the pain was replaced by joint stiffness with a decrease in mobility. One leg became shorter as a result of hip dysplasia and one knee collapsed.

Even though it's only 2 weeks after the 2nd surgery and 9 weeks after the first one, I have much better range of motion within my joints and I don't feel any join stiffness. I know my recovery is slow but I know I'm on the right path.

Finally, both of my legs are the same length. Unbelievable work of Dr. Boettner. I'm very pleased with the overall experience and thankful Dr. Boettner for successful surgery and correcting my hips and leg. He is an excellent doctor, very knowledgeable with “Miracle Hands”. His staff and my PT were very helpful throughout.

Thank you,

Grace Sobczyk