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Gloria Rapoport

Forest Hills, NY
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I injured my knee on my first day of the season skiing in Alta, Utah on my way to the lift for my first run. On my second turn, I was off balance and fell. I continued trying to ski and then went on a long walk while my boots were being adjusted.

I ended up with small non-surgical posterior and lateral tibial plateau fracture and MCL and ACL strain, which took a while to heal (March 2019).

With much patience Sarah Tyron and Dr. Shubin Stein nurtured me through non-weight bearing, limited bearing, relapse after overdoing my exercise (tried jogging in June 2019), and necessitating hyaluronic knee injection.

I am now back to almost complete weight training except for jump squats and other jumping type exercises and jogging. Glad to be back. Thanks so much.