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Gloria Laskow

North Babylon, NY
  • Gloria Laskow in the photo 1

I am 74 years old and after two major surgeries performed here on L.I. and still in great pain, my surgeon advised me to see Dr. Han Jo Kim/HSS about my scoliosis.

I didn't want to "look at the floor" any longer because after walking 20 feet or so I would be completely "bent over" and in horrible pain. I wanted to be able to walk around the block and shop in a mall, which I couldn't do for many years due to the pain. I saw Dr. Han Jo Kim/HSS who promised he would have me walking straight the next day after he did surgery and eventually have no pain. I couldn't believe my ears. Theresa and Ashley, Dr. Kim's office staff, set up the many different pre-op appointments. I am truly indebted to them for their efficiency and compassion. Needless to say I had Dr. Han Jo Kim do the surgery on July 14, 2015. He inserted a rod and pins from the top of my shoulders to my pelvic area. The next day I was walking completely upright. Dr. Kim came in to see me almost every day bringing his assistant, Mike, with him. Even while Dr. Han Jo Kim was at a conference overseas Dr. Kim called every day to check on my progress and in Dr. Kim's place I saw Mike a wonderful man.

HSS is an incredible place. I was treated by all of the nurses and doctors as if I was a celebrity. At least six different doctors came to see me every day. My nurse, Matthew, treated me as if I was a princess. He was always there anytime I needed him and came to check on me even when he was scheduled somewhere else in the hospital. Even my room made me feel special. The windows were tremendous from floor to ceiling and overlooked the city. I remember crying out in pain and a nurse stroked my forehead telling me to hold on until the meds took effect. I never knew who she was or got a chance to say thank you.

October 20, 2015 I finally walked around the Smithhaven Mall for 2 1/2 hours. On October 22, 2015 I went back to work full time in absolutely no pain. People from all over the building came to see the miracle Dr. Han Jo Kim created. All of my own doctors were shocked at the new me.

I am now 4 1/4 inches taller because of my surgery. Another miracle has taken place. My asthma, which has plagued me for some 50 odd years is a great deal better. I now take one third LESS asthma meds since my back surgery. One year has passed and I am still in no pain. I even walked the track at a Cancer Rally, which previously I couldn't do. (I am a cancer survivor). Every day I thank the Lord for creating a doctor like Dr. Kim who gave me my life back.