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Glenn Olszewski

Patchogue, NY
  • Glenn Olszewski in the photo 1

I am an Ultra Endurance Athlete and HSS patient since 1991. I am not a professional athlete, but for the last 40 years I have trained like one. I have no great physical skills, just a strong work ethic, mental toughness and a high tolerance for pain. I have completed over 100 races at or above the marathon distance, have climbed some of America's highest peaks, hiked some of the toughest trails and cycled many thousand road miles. Needless to say, over the years due to intense training, I have had some injuries. Thus, my introduction to HSS and its physicians. In 1991, I was lucky to have a training partner, David Balsley, who worked as a physical therapist at HSS. I had my first knee injury and was referred to Dr. Stephen O'Brien who did my surgery and got me back running again. Some years later, Dr. Martin O'Malley successfully repaired and rebuilt my Achilles tendon after another local doctor had failed. I have been treated with PRP injections for my knees by Dr. Brian Halpern and for chronic neck and back injuries (Backpacking and cycling) by HSS physiatrists. Most recently, Dr. Struan Coleman repaired my meniscus. Sounds like a lot; just ask my wife, but over the years, it's just the price of training at a high level. I can state that all of these physicians and the staff at HSS have treated me professionally, kindly, sympathetically, realistically, and with dignity. Even though I am not a professional athlete, they have treated me like one. Once Dr. O'Brien introduced me to the members of the New Jersey Generals as a 'real athlete'. Today, thanks to all these great physicians and staff at HSS, my typical retirement day is 2-3 hours of exercise including cycling, swimming, weight training, yoga, and Pilates. They have not only gotten me back in the game, but kept me in the game for many years. I recently won a team competition in a Duathlon, and bested some 21 year olds climbing a peak in Alaska. If you don't want to stop doing what you love, seek out the amazing doctors at HSS. Thank you all, Glenn Olszewski Marathon PR 2:36 50 KM, 3:27 40 Miles, 4:39 50 Miles 6:08 Finisher 100 Mile Western States Endurance Run.