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George Robertson

Toronto, ON, Canada
  • George Robertson in the photo 1

In 2000 I walked 529 kms (329 miles) along the Canal du Midi across the southwest of France on a fundraising effort for an orphanage in Thailand. By 2014 I couldn't walk 50 yards without stopping to ease the pain; climbing stairs had become a nightmare. I went to HSS and met with Dr. Mark Figgie who examined my x-rays and ultrasound results and said, "You need me." He was absolutely right. On Nov. 28, 2014 I received a Total Knee Replacement, which was followed by 10 days at the excellent Burke Rehab. By Dec. 10 I was on my way home. By Jan. of this year I had started on a program of walking and stair climbing of my own devising. By April I was walking up to 3 miles per day and climbing up the 75 steps of the stairway at our local reservoir/park. I have been told that my running days are over, but at 82 I can live with that restriction. My wife and just returned from a trip to Europe which included a walking tour of the Scottish Highlands. That was good enough for me. I cannot express strongly enough my appreciation to the staff at HSS and, of course, Dr. Figgie. You have given me back my life. I thank you for that.