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George McKinley

Rockville Centre, NY
  • George McKinley in the photo 1

I saw Dr. Briner after a fall that left my left shoulder immobile except with sharp pain. He advised therapy was a better solution than surgery. I was apprehensive, however HSS physical therapist Hector Lozada and Christine have not only brought my shoulder back, they have completely cured my back ailments that have pledged me for the last 30 years. I have been treated by several surgeons performing lumbar punctures with a half dozen physical therapist and Chiropractors massaging and stretching me with only temporary success.

Their ability I can only describe as Biblical. On my second visit I was sure that Hector received his training at the “Tomás de Torquemada” school of therapy. However positive results were immediately apparent. Hector also allowed me to see one of his fellow therapist Christine, which gives me the ability to proclaim that the group of therapists (at least the 2 of them) on Madison Avenue truly can cure ailments by the laying on of hands. I am not joking. I have woken up in agony and called their office, where they would fit me in, and sent me back to work. I plan on seeing them for the rest of my god given days.