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George McAuliffe

Toms River, NJ
  • George McAuliffe in the photo 1

My experience was amazing from the first visit, through MRI's and x-rays, doctor's attention, to surgery, brief hospital stay and, now, recovery.

For the last three years I had been battling upper back pain. Through two other local surgeons, several physical therapy regimens, 5 epidurals and nerve block procedures, nothing worked. Meanwhile the pain got worse and worse. For my last 6 months before surgery I could barely walk to the end of the driveway, could only sleep in my bed for an hour (if I was lucky) spending most nights in a chair. I finally had enough and started researching, looking for the best spinal hospital. From interviewing friends, physical therapists and online research I kept coming back to HSS.

In researching their surgeons I liked what I read of Dr. Sheha's specialties and his resume. As I continued the research I kept coming back to him and finally booked an appointment. In our first meeting he came in, sat down, crossed his legs and said "tell me about you and what's going on." No sign that he had anything else to do other than to try to solve my problem. In my three years working with two local surgeons I always felt that they were rushed, that they had one foot out the door.

We quickly got to a diagnosis and recommendation of anterior discectomy and fusion C5-7. As above, every step of the way, everybody associated with HSS (particularly Dr. Sheha's staff led by Viviane Potucek) worked with efficiency, professionalism and caring. I'm now 7 weeks post-op, pain-free, sleeping in my bed for three weeks, and just came home from the gym after walking two pain-free miles.

It really is a new lease on life! Thank you Dr. Sheha and team!