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Geoffrey Allard

Manhattan, NY
  • Geoffrey Allard in the photo 1

I want to share my extraordinary experience with Dr. Chalmers as my surgeon for a total hip replacement. When I awoke after the surgery, I walked, and although I thought it would be incredible to do so, I was able to walk using the walker. No pain, I cannot stress this fact enough. Because I had no pain after surgery, I declined the oxycodone. I completed my physical therapy test before discharge and was able to walk a fair distance and walk upstairs. By the time I left the hospital the following day, I was strong enough to walk with only the cane and continued to have no pain. I had five home physical therapy sessions scheduled, and when the therapist met me, he was amazed at my recovery rate. According to the physical therapist, my recovery was ahead of the curve by about a week. After my first week, I walked outside with a cane, and less than two weeks after surgery, I could walk a mile without the cane. By week three, I was walking 3 miles a day, and by week 3, I was up to 5 miles. My recovery was remarkable by any means, and I am very grateful to Dr. Chalmers and his team for the magnificent job they did. If I ever get another hip replacement, it will only be with Dr. Chalmers and at HSS. My entire experience at HSS before and after surgery was spectacular. The staff was attentive, caring, and professional, and I mean everybody I encountered, whether they were treating me, or I passed them in the hallway.

As I complete my physical therapy at the clinic, I look forward to being back on the tennis court in the next couple of weeks.