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Fred Goepel

Somerset, NJ
  • Fred Goepel in the photo 1

I had the extreme good fortune to be accepted by Dr. Carli as a patient. He performed the fifth operation on my right knee. The four previous were done at a hospital by my home. Those resulted in my leg being very weak. The last one caused the leg to collapse causing me to fall. Dr. Carli, with a high level of knowledge and skill, fixed it.

HSS is a hospital that exceeded my expectations. It is well organized and they perform tests I was told I could not have locally. From greeting to admission to technician knowledge and competence, nursing care is excellent. Dr. Carli's NY office nurse is typical. Shyh Tien is not only a good nurse, but a good person. I was blessed to be helped by other HSS professionals, who were not only capable but treated me (and it seemed all others) with care and respect.

Danielle Feliccia, Dr Carli's incredible physician assistant, also performs in the operating room. I would send a message to the general mailbox and many times a pleasant PA would call me back. But several times it was Danielle calling in the evening or the next morning. I am not sure she sleeps.

Ryan Wadhams coordinates the team interface with patients. She serves as a point person in a job that seems a little overwhelming, based on the variety and volume she handles. I have watched her at her desk and noticed she does not stop.

Many thanks to the Carli TEAM, their staff and HSS. They gave me my leg and my life back. If you have a problem, consider them. My experience suggests you will be happy you did!